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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No more Music Here!!

Ok, so I have heard that Alot of people don't care about music on blogs and It also slows them down. So I have removed mine and Hope that  by doing so, I will get more visitors and they will want to hang out and look around! I have been busy getting ready for a visit from my sister in Reno, so I will be away for about a week or so. We have alot of catching up to do and Also going to leave town for a couple of days! Thanks for visiting and have a Happy Valentines day!!



  1. Rexann, I think that there are just as many who enjoy blog music as those who don't. I am one who loves going to blogs and hearing the music selection for each individual. I also love it when people theme their music to blog hops they are participating in! Up until this week, I have had a blurb at the top of my blog letting people know that my playlist was at the bottom of the page if they would like to turn it off. This week I decided to move my music playlist to the very top of my blog so that the moment someone arrives they have the choice on whether to listen or not. Just some info for you in case you are really missing your music!


  2. Hey I got your email today... Email me from your email address and i can walk you through how to do it... I will also give you my phone number and I can help you out...

  3. Hey there Rexanne, I am finally able to visit you, now that you fixed the music. I didn't get the dreaded RAINBOW WHEEL for 10 min while the music downloaded! Thank you so much. Hope you are having fun in Reno....I sure will be backto visit now. Thanks again. Bug Hugs :D