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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check out my Ebay winning's

Hey all!
Just  wanted to share my cricut Expression tote that I won on ebay for $41.00 and $14.74 shipping&handling Total cost  $55.74! I have been trying to get this bag for a long time and just could not see paying over $100.00, which is every other time I tryed to bid on one, and  I would always get out bid... So I am Very happy with my new Item and ready to go on a Camino Island Scrapbooking Retreat with my new friend polly from the cricut circle... Hey Polly!!  laters Peeps!


  1. I got this bag in the black and green. I'm so glad I did! Very nice bag!

  2. Love an ebay score. I have the matching cart bag. I love it!Enjoy!

  3. ooo so pretty! I really need one of these!

  4. OMG I LOVE this bag! Good for you! I've been looking for a nice crop bag. If you see any let me know ok? I'm looking for a really good deal! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are such a doll! Your blog is growing quickly! Congrats!