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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Card I made for to share with Cindy

Here is the card I made for Cindy over at She is trying to reach 300 followers before the day is over and she is almost there!! Good Luck Cindy!


  1. Very cool card cut and fold! Cindy will love it I'm sure! I worked on a couple things today for her site!

  2. AWESOME card! thank you so much for playing along! lol you can uncross your toes and fingers now! I'm sure they are probably going numb! lol

    email me at
    snoflaks at embarQmail dot com
    and I will get your addy to Marlo to get your Scrap 'n Easel to you!

  3. Beautiful card, love purple! :)

  4. Hay girlfriend
    your a winner at

  5. What a gorgeous card! My favorite color is purple! The orange looks great with it! Love the cut of the card and the flower is so sweet! I'm sure she is going to LOVE it!

  6. Great card! I love the flower. Just stopping by to check out your blog and I’m so glad I did!
    I’m now following you too.

    Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment on my blog.