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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Playing card challenge

(Submissions close in 1d 10h 36m)

Anyone Else up for this Challenge before it Expires??

This is a altered Project for Diane's Playing Card Challenge. I was trying to get something together for it but found that time was running out and really wanted to enter her challenge so I took my bee cards And Added one to my spring has sprung card...I noticed that no one has entered ...and I think it might be due to the blogger problems we had last week...  :(  I am just sharing the cute playing cards I found laying around my house. Thanks Diane for the very fun and Inspiring challenges you have!!

So the next challenge She wants to make is to use a playing card somehow on a project.  This can be a card that you already have in the house or one that you find as a "treasure" somewhere.  I am thinking of a decorative or souvenir type card but any playing card will be fine.

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