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Friday, June 17, 2011

Royal Purple Freedom Hop And My Father's Day Card

Hey there my lovely blogger's!!
Well I have been busy crafting and working on my Purple cards for the Royal Purple Freedom hop. Each card will be donated to the Bradley Angle House in hopes of inspiring women who have finally found the courage to leave.  With this hop, we will give hope to women where perhaps little now exists. With your help and support, together we can raise $1k for the Bradley Angle House and hand 24 NEW families a chance at recovery. Everyone deserves to be safe and happy don’t you think? This has been an Inspiration to me and I Have enjoyed making my cards and Knowing that they will be of use to them!! I have made 12 cards that are Purple Themed and Contain a Book marker on each one of them, and ahope filled message inside. I also want to thank Krista for re-gifting her prize! I was the lucky winner! Thank you Faith for putting this together and all the awesome sponsors that Contributed.

About 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes occur every year while many more assaults and rapes go unreported entirely. Over 3 million children witness violence in their home each year and those that do suffer physically and emotionally (my kids are among this statistic). These statistics are sad and overwhelming, but help IS out there for those that choose to break the silence, but they need help. Places like the Bradley Angle House are often invaluable.

Next up is my Fathers Day Card I made for My Husband. He was an Instant Father and Grandfather when he married me. He never has had any children of his own. Now he is a proud dad of 2 adult men and Grandfather of  8! I got this Idea from Mary over at Cardztv Fathers day Origami shirt Card...I just changed it up a bit and added a pocket and a tie..Got the tie from the Wrap it up cartridge.
the #1 is also from that same cartridge. I used a white pen to make the stitches around the pocket and the bottom. I hope that you all have a nice week-end and if your father is still with you be sure to let him know that he is always #1!!!    OK so I forgot to post my Fathers Day Card, I am such a ding bat sometimes!!

Rexann♥♥                This is the link If you think you might like to Make a purple themed card for a Good Cause!!! Your cards need to be postmarked by June 30th for inclusion in the basket drawings and can be mailed to the following Address:

Royal Purple Hop
c/o Vicki Smith
P.O. Box 1496
Millbrook, NY  12545


  1. Beautiful cards for a great cause!

  2. What a great cause!!! You're awesome!

  3. Such beautiful cards for a wonderful cause!