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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Haul from The Paper Chase (warning Heavy Post!!)

So it has been a while! I had a Great time last week-end and Have to share it!!! There was 4 and a half of us, Half meaning a 4 1/2 month old baby girl, that was a very good girl and got to hang with some crafty Friends!! This fun week end is called the Northwest Paper Chase   And It was my first time doing this,along with My friend Becky. Heather and Jo'Ell had done it last year! Oh my gosh if you ever have a chance to do this in your neck of the woods do it!!!events is the site that runs all the Events! So beware! this is a very heavy post with allot of photos...Enjoy!!

 Mimi's craft store
 Ben Franklin Store, I am In love with this store!!!

 This store is close to home!  Sharin' Memories Lacy, Wa
Nice store and awesome Owner!!
This was our home store and final stop, and Addison (Baby) was so done with it!! LOL
 One of the prizes up for grabs, with every $10.00 you spent you got a entry!
 Addison playing in the car seat between shops!!

 A very Cute Crafty Idea!! It is an album.
 very cool Idea for a clock, looks like photo's from a trip.
 This is a card made with paper from (POW)paper company. $2.00 a sheet!!
I love this Idea, The fence is on the outside. I bought 2 of those frames, one black and one white!
 Love, Love, Love This Store!!
Love this Idea, Going to make this one when we go on our trip to The Grand Canyon. it is on Canvas and so cool!!
There are so many more photo's I will share some other way, need to figure it out and I will let you Know.
 this is not all the things I got, I have to post them later.
 2 page layout of the Grand Canyon....Very cool!!
 more paper!!
Thanks for hanging with me and hope you enjoyed  everything!!
Hope to share some 6x6 recipe pages that we received from each store, Oh there was 16 stores but 4 of them we was closed before we could get there or closed on Sunday. Just so you know, we did this in 2 days. Stayed in Seattle on Saturday night...Can not wait for next year!!! 


  1. How much fun all you ladies had. Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm so glad you guys had so much fun!!! I wish I could have been there too....hopefully next year!!!

  3. I am glad you had so much fun!!!Wish i could of went with you guys and say all the neat stuff..

  4. Hi Rexann - looks like a fun trip! I'm connecting with you from the Linked in chat! and am a follower now! Would love a visit and if you would follow me too! I'm going to browse around your blog now - looks like so much fun! THANKS! Sherri

  5. Nice pictures, Rexann! Glad you have had so much fun. Many thanks for popping in. Have a great day!