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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mothers day Giveaway!!

Hi all,

Sorry I have not been posting lately, I have started a new job and it seems to be taking up allot of my time! I have done a bit of crafting in between  everything though. I want to let you all know that Luanne over at the Crafters Reference has an awesome giveaway going on right now and you really should go and check her blog out!! Happy Belated Birthday Luanne!!

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  1. HI Rexann! I am playing catch up with my blog followers and am so glad to have made it here.
    I was browsing your recent creations and wow!
    You were a busy bee making some really terrific things. So glad I caught up since last time. It had been a while. Sorry for the delay.
    Appreciate the info on the giveaway.
    By the way, I am posting an award post tomorrow, Sunday-april 1st & wanted you to stop in to pick it up since you are a recipient of the award! I am catching up with blogs, e-mails & notifying recipients today.
    I really enjoy your blog & crafty inspiration.
    Please know that even if I do not leave a comment under every post that I do stop in for visits.
    Crafty best wishes,