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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Surprise!! Im back with More!!

Hey everyone!! I was so crafty last night that I got a project  done that has been setting around since  last April....   :)      It was a message board I picked up for a couple dollars at a (lets just call it a huge Garage sale her in my town) for my local readers it is called (RAGS)  put on by the rotary club. Love going to this every year and always find something cool!!  So on to what I did to the message board,(Sorry, No before Photo) The board had a sticker on it and said (Roseart) One side Metal, the other a felt like material. I had all materials already here in my craft room so I was set!! So for those that remember I did a challenge back when I was a Cricut Circle Member and joined a challenge This is the post I had here on my blog..The fabric is the left over from this. I have to admit that I am not a sewer  at all, so it really surprised me to even succeed In this form of craft. And to quilt this   LOL (Smile) It is not perfect but, I like it!! I had acrylic paint in green and purple, ribbon from Joann's, a Paper Bow, A friend made me the Green paper bow!! (Thanks Debbie!) I went a step further and had fabric still left and covered a plastic basket and two cardboard boxes that came from my blinds that are in my room and covered them as well   :)!! So they all coredenate  well and look good!! So there ya have it!! Enjoy and hope to see ya very,very soon!!   (Big Smile)

You might be aking what is in those? Cards that I have  made and some I have received!


  1. PURPLE!! Rex, I love this!! Next time they're having that huge garage sale, let me know. I would love to go!!