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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So sorry for Being MIA!!! and a Giveaway!!!

Hi all my faithful friends!!
 I am so sorry for not being around and not posting! Let me fill you in a bit, Life can really throw you some curve balls sometimes..I have had a very busy summer With a Grand Daughter In the hospital. and work and vacation and on and on...She is out of the hospital now and gave us A big scare!! Doctors never did say what it was, besides a unknown Virus? It was such a Relief to know that It was not something very serious! Just not going to go on to much more.. but hope that you all have not given up on me! Bet you have wondered what I have made lately? Well I have a Project that has literally set on the shelf for months that I started and have yet to finish, So I thought that I would Share it and see if any of you could help me with some Ideas on decorating it...What it is ,is a old cigar box that I have covered with masking tape then used brown shoe polish to color it, The Idea is from a book that I found at a second hand store called St. Vincent De Pauls, I love to re purpose things and happened to find an old cigar box there at around the same time. The book is called "Made With Paper" and it's Author is "Florence Temko" the copy right is 1991. It is a very interesting leather look and am Having a hard time on how to decorate it.

So I thought that I would have a little Giveaway for The person that can come up with an Idea that would help me to decorate the box...And Feeling Guilty for Being MIA!! LOL...I have missed all your sweet and loving comments here and I am now back and Ready to create and have some fun!! So if you really want to know what I will be giving away I can give you a hint when the Ideas start rolling in...So get your thinking cap on and I am open to all suggestions and Ideas...Ok...I will give you a snippet of a hint of what I will be giving away....we all have at least one in our craft room!!  Thank you all and it is so good to be back and I will be looking  forward to your Ideas for this Box!!



  1. The leather look seems manly to me, so what about some clockworks or some travel related embellishments.

  2. I think it looks like an old trunk- you could put straps as fasteners, and all kinds of vintage travel postage stickers like Paris, Rome, ect. :)Amy

  3. Oh what a cool leather look! I was thinking the same thing as littlen, may be that is a sign! Welcome back, glad to hear your grand-daughter is doing better!


  4. I was thinking maybe vintage looking with roses...lace and doily's.
    Rustic tool box looking. tim holtz style :)
    Glad to see you back!

  5. Welcome back!!! So glad things weren't as serious as you imagined!!!

    Okay, well... I see your box decoupaged with some old antique travel tickets and travel memorabilia; stick a handle on it, antigue the edges with Distress Ink, and your box will have the look of an old vintage piece of luggage! I'm sure you can find stuff like this on the internet!!! That's my idea anyway!

    By the way, you did a good job coving the box with masking tape and shoe polish -- it really looks like leather!

  6. This looks very Tim Holtz-e-fied to me! How about some ticket stubs, bottle caps, lots of inked edges, brown flowers, glossy accents! Ohhh this sounds like fun!
    Welcome back!


  7. Hi Rexann, I followed you here from "Link It" at:

    I am now your follower, come visit me too!

    I love the box... I think it needs a very vintage look, old vintage papers, fussy cut and flowers, doilies and ribbons!

  8. Maybe something a little western if your into that look. I like the color so I'm thinking some Bronze and gold accents maybe some Metal too. You can make a keepsake box too with a vintage women on the front with some flowers and pearls.


  9. How about making it look like a suit case with a lot of traveling stickers from everywhere you have traveled and then if it is big enough you can actually but a scrapbook inside with actually pictures of all you adventures.

  10. This totally reminded me of those fake books you see in decorating stores. From the outside it looks like an old worn book but it really is a box that opens up and you can store things inside. It would be really neat to see you decorate it that way. A title you make up or of a book you really like on the spine of tbe box, then making the other three sides look like pages of a book. For the cover, you could make some cuts or a design that goes with the title you gave your book. You've done an amazing job so far!


  11. Glad to hear your grandaughter is fine...welcome back! :) I'm lovin' Webster's Pages paper and flowers, so I would use that to cover the box. :)

  12. I see this as a "Tim Holtz" and 7 Gypsies type decor, also. Vintage keys, lables, chains, and all that kind of embellishments. One of those handles on the top that says "open." What a great storage container. Have fun whatever you decide and post a picture. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.