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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Need Blog Help!!

I have a friend that Is trying to post on her blog and it is not letting her with out paying for it? Has anyone heard of this and if so why? I know her and I are not always  posting every day and wonder if this is really legit or not, she is going to get a pre-paid visa card and I don't want her to get scammed! Please help me and my friend in finding out the real deal!!


  1. She should not have to pay for the blog itself, the only thing she might have to pay for is the storage for her photos. If she posts a lot of pics, she may have used up her free storage. She should be able to check on her google account. (I am assuming she is using blogspot?)

  2. I have a blogspot blog and it's never charged me. Sounds a little fishy...

  3. Is your friend using Blogger like you, or Wordpress or Typepad or some other blogger interface? Wordpress does charge ...but Blogger is free!! You're a good friend to protect her from getting scammed!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  4. Who is her blog through? There are plenty of free blog sites like blogger. I have not heard of one that charges.

  5. That is weird indeed. Blogger is a free platform and one doesn't have to pay!

  6. I have never heard of anyone having to pay...unless like Carri said, she ran out of photo storage space. I hope you were able to help her get this straightened out.

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Blogger is FREE!
    Just to let you know, you have won my blog candy from the Pinterest Inspired Hop that you commented on....CONGRATS! Please email me your address so I can mail out your goodies.
    Thanks and you have an interesting blog full of fun pics and information.
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S.

  8. I'm glad you talked her out of spending money. Like everyone else is commenting, Blogger is free although there are other sites that do charge for usage. Maybe she was inadvertantly trying to begin blogging on one of the sites that do charge. Hope it's resolved now, but if not, tell her to make sure she's using Blogger.

    Hugs, my friend (wanted to drop in to say hi too)!!!

  9. Aww Thanks Audrey!! I have talked to her and she has not done anything as of yet and not sure what she has decided? I feel so bad that I have not been keeping up with my blog very good :( I am trying to get caught up and do have some projects that I have made and need to get them posted. With the interface on here I have been a bit confused, but had a friend Help explain it to me and I think I understand it a little better :)
    Thanks for being a faithful follower even when I have been Absent. Crafty Hugs and see ya soon!!


  10. I have never heard of having to pay for blogging other than echoing what Carri and Lisa have said about photo storage. I did purchase more storage since I use a lot of photos.
    I want to thank you for joining the OWLsome Blog Hop last weekend and being so loyal to follow all of the blogs and leave comments both days. You faithful following and commenting has paid sure to visit my blog today to see how!
    Jessica S

  11. I had to pay for more photo storage recently...could be that. Happy to be a new follower here! Thank you so much for the sweet comments you left me a while back! :)